We had the pleasure of interviewing Diana Gandara, a successful insurance agent with Texas Farm Bureau. She has been recognized as a top agent, not only in her area but also across the state. What’s most impressive is that she even broke a sales record when the nation shut down for COVID-19. She did all of this from her home in a small Texas town.  In our interview, she discussed the keys to success to help anyone trying to be successful in whatever goal they may be working towards. 

Additionally, she is also the founder of the Inspirational Women’s Business Network. This group embraces and challenges women of all ages and backgrounds, to pursue their goals and dreams. This endeavor has quickly gained momentum in her community where many women wanted to partake in learning and growing alongside other women.

In conclusion, Diana shared with us how she handles challenges and life’s most difficult moments. Her advice will inspire you in your own journey. Her no-excuses attitude, determination, and work ethic will encourage you to never give up on your dreams and goals. It was a pleasure to have Diana as our guest for this episode.  She is an example of someone who creates a human connection in everything she does. 

What are the keys to success? – Interview with Diana Gandara

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